Tuesday, February 11, 2020

REACHING YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

REACHING YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE - Essay Example hen an individual intends to reach individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus he/she can go an outpatient department and provide health education intended. Those who are suffering from diabetes mellitus shall be interested in the topic and will be much engaged unlike those who do not. In essence, public speaking provides a broader way of reaching intended audience who are not known to the speaker. Publishing of newsletters: Newsletter is another simpler and cheap way of meeting the target audience who are known and unknown. An individual who wants to relay health information can use it through printing the intended information in newsletters and put them in strategic places that the public will pick. Among those who shall pick the newsletters some of the intended audience shall pick and read them. The intended information shall have been passed to the intended audience. For example, dissemination of healthy eating habits among diabetics can be passed through newsletter. Building of a website: websites provide a broad avenue of reaching the intended audience, which is achieved by developing a website that contain information that describes an intended health problem address. Those individuals who are interested with the information posted there shall read and utilise the information to better their lives (Livingstone, 2004). Direct mail: when the target audience is known, then direct mail is very possible to be employed. The health care provider shall compose an email containing the intended information they should be relayed to the audience. Emailing is better because it involves an exchange of ideas, questions and answers (Awan & Gauntlett, 2011). Zero-based budget: This strategy involves allocation of all the money to various activities that need to be done  during the entire  project  of the communication plan. At the end of allocation of money to various activities the balance should be $0. This strategy works best when an individual is sure that money is

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